Fees, Pay Online, & Gift Certificates

Pay Your Bill: Please call us to pay your bill.

For optimal natural hoof care we follow a 4-6 week trim schedule. During the winter months and depending on growth, some horses may be scheduled longer. Founder and Navicular treatment will be scheduled differently depending on the severity.

Initial Consultation & Trim  $60
(navicular & founder)
Draft $55 
Horse $45
Pony $40 
(based on hoof size)
Mini $30
Remove Shoes $5 per shoe
Boot Measurement and Fitting $25
(trip fee may apply depending on location)
(fees effective 8/1/12)

Free Informative Consultations
We now offer free on-line feed back for potential customers in our service area. Pictures must be sent as described below. I will analyze and mark the pictures using lines and comments depicting what I believe your current hoof care issues are and how your horse’s hoof care can be improved.

Please clean all dirt off the hoof before taking pictures and include only clear pictures.

Along with pictures of your horse’s hooves as shown in the photo collage below, send full body pics of your horse (front, rear, and one side).

Please include these pics of your horse for online consultation.

This consultation is by no means a substitute for an on-site evaluation and recommendations for hoof care may change with an on-site evaluation.

All consultations are confidential.

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