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The articles, tips and quotes you'll find here are intended to educate those who wish to learn about natural hoof care for your horse.  All information that I've written is based on personal experience, training and countless hours of study. Here you will read  information gathered from many of the natural hoof care experts, farriers and scientist from around the world.  I would like to make it clear that I am not claiming to be the founder of these ideas.  When I can, I will give these horse and hoof care professionals credit where it is due.  By no means do I ever intend to take credit for their work or forget what they have taught me.

This article is about the treatments for fungal infections that are eating away at our horse's feet.

Our experience with slow feeders and why they are beneficial.

On this page you'll find different remedies,

some home-made, for all sorts of ailments

This is a reference for those giving maintenance trims to their horses in between my visits.

I feel the management of this area of the hoof is another important area missing attention by traditional farriers.

The Myth of White Hooves

This article is about hoof issues that could be causing behaviorial problems while in deep footing during arena or ring work.


This article touches on what I feel is one of the major causes of lameness.

This touches on the subject of the management and mismanagement of the sole.

Here are some links to articles written by Dr. Tomas Teskey, a veterinarian turned Natural Hoof Care activist.

Not all it's cracked up to be.

In this article we discuss the primary differences in the way traditional farriers treat the hoof wall and how the natural hoof world treats it.

This addresses the reasons and the correct treatment for most tripping.

Incorporating pea gravel in your horse's living areas.

I found this article when looking for information on how the horse feels the ground. Dr. King was nice enough to let me publish it on my site and may I add she has some other very good articles on her site. Check her out at

Video of hoof impact with and without shoes.

Here you will find the series of articles published in the Horse Force Monthly publication.

A great article by Dr. Bowker on preventing & better treating cases of navicular syndrome & other chronic foot ailments.