Delaware Natural Hoof Care

Case Study Ben

Ben is a 20 yo QH who has done it all. As you can see his feet were not in the best of shape. He had some soundness issues,but now we have grown a new hoof with good tight white line and Ben is moving much better.Though his frogs have developed some,our plan now is to start to lower the heels a little more at a time in order to get more development in the back of the hoof.I kept his heels a little long to try to stop him from landing toe first and further cracking up his hoof wall. Now that his hoof wall is in good shape we can now work on developing the inner digital cushion and get him striding out and landing heel first all the time.

Here we had no bars,the quarters were all broken out,white line compromised along with the frog
Here we can see how poor the quality of the hoof wall was.Flaring,cracking and the horizontal rings show we had some issues with white line connection. I ask his owner to stop using hoof dressing (see article pertaining to this)in order to help with the cracking.I kept the hoof wall real short to keep the torque off the hoof wall in order to stop more cracking and to accelerate growth.