Delaware Natural Hoof Care

Case Study Lady

Lady 20 yo old Paint mare.
Home made bar shoe applied in order to hold hoof together.
Notice the difference in distance from the shoe to the hair line on each side of the hoof.This shows an imbalance and was causing the hoof wall to to become jammed up into soft tissue,
Notice the difference in the heel bulbs in both feet.The one on the left hoof is extremely pinched together.
Notice the difference in the hoof after only pulling the shoe, one trim and letting it relax for two weeks.Even I was surprised how much this hoof wanted to go back to it's proper form.
I wish I cleaned this foot up some more before I took the pic. You can still see the bruising and sever inflammation in the hoof wall. This hoof was extremely long and had distal dissent.Measurement of the collateral groove showed that the coffin bone was sitting crooked in the hoof.
This is Lady's foot a little over a year later.It was much better then this but she got an abscess and we lost a piece of the hoof.I am not concerned and feel we will have the crack completely grown out in no time,
Come back soon. We are keeping a close eye on this case.