Delaware Natural Hoof Care

Comfort Pads - $14 Pair

Courtesy of EasyCare, Inc.
Courtesy of EasyCare, Inc.

Pete Ramey on Comfort Pad

Many farriers have discovered the incredible performance of hoof boots with added rubber insole systems. Combined with correct trimming; the padded boots stabilize and relieve foundering horses like nothing else. They consistently bring immediate relief to navicular horses and allow the sole and frog to aid in support as nature intended; rapidly accelerating the development of weak soles, frogs and digital cushions.  

In short; it just makes horses "feel good" and develop strong feet like no other hoof protection on the planet. 

Applying this knowledge once forced and endless search for the "perfect material". Soft materials we used weren't durable and durable materials were always too rigid. Thankfully, Easycare stepped up to the challenge and after a long testing process, found the "right stuff".  

In my opinion, the Comfort Pads are the perfect combination of durability and flexibility for most applications. The horses in my care tell me every day, that they are the best tools to come down the pike in decades. 

Pete Ramey
AANHCP Instructor