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Benefits of Buying Your Boots from a Hoof Care Professional

You get a custom fit

You get a custom match - hoof to the right boot

Parts & Repairs

RMA# (Return Merchandise Authorization Numbers) are

Obtained for you by Delaware Natural Hoof Care

No fitting fee for Delaware Natural Hoof Care customers

if boots are purchased from Delaware Natural Hoof Care.  If purchased

elsewhere, fees are same as below.


Fitting fees for non-customers

Bring your horse to our barn - $15

Fitting @ your barn - $25

(trip fee may apply depending on area)

Images Courtesy of EasyCare, Inc.

EasyCare Hoof Boots

The Easyboot Trail hoof boot is the very latest hoof boot for barefoot horses from the EasyCare stable. The Easyboot Trail can be used by young and old hands alike, and is supplied in singles to allow you to fit each hoof correctly or replace a worn or damaged boot.

This form-fitting, seamless boot hugs the hoof and responds like a natural hoof.
Flexible and tough, the Glove has an aggressive tread pattern but still allows a free stride and breakover. Like a glove, this boot provides protection without stifling mobility.



These pads increase heel comfort so that all horses—sound or unsound—are encouraged to move correctly. The pads can also be used to help improve the fit of the boots while at the same time providing cushioning, additional protection, and frog support to the hoof. Comfort Pads are an excellent way to help the horse owner successfully transition a horse from shod to barefoot.

Comfort Pads are available in 12mm and 6mm thicknesses, and three densities – soft, medium and firm.


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