Horse Hoof Color

A study of white hooves at a microscopic level shows there is no difference in the structural integrity of a white hoof compared to a dark hoof. The only difference is that a white hoof lacks color pigment that dark hooves have.

In defense of the white hoof, as a hoof care practitioner I like the white hoof more for the simple fact I can see if there are certain issues going on with the hoof much sooner then a dark hoof.

The white hoof shows some pink that can tell me the horse has inflammation in the laminea either from an imbalance in the hoof trim or there is a metabolic issue, such as too much sugar in the diet, that may be triggering a bout of laminitis.

White hoof of horse with metabolic issue. Too much sugar in diet. Being able to see red gave us the opportunity to adjust diet before possible founder occurred. If I were to rasp the outer wall enough we would see much more inflammation.

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