Pea Gravel

At a clinic I attended by world renowned natural hoof care practitioner Pete Ramey we learned a tremendous amount of information. Of all the information Pete gave us, he stated the BEST thing we can do for our horses is to incorporate pea gravel in the horses’ living area. Now Pete does not take or use words lightly. He knows that the nay sayers to natural hoof care are watching and waiting for even the slightest slip of the tongue in order to discredit our movement. For Pete to say that pea gravel is the “best” thing we can do for our horses feet stuck in the back of my mind. 

After a time we finally had the opportunity to incorporate pea gravel in to our horses’ living area. Our horses had some, if not the best, feet in Delaware. We take our hoof care very serious. Being part of and an advocate for natural hoof care I won’t ride horses that are “ouchy” on every little stone.  Even though we were very happy with our horses’ soundness the pea gravel added to the over all health of our horses’ hooves. 

Pea gravel in run in shed.
Pea gravel in feeding area.
A Pitchfork – we find this the best for cleaning our pea gravel.

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