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Just sending Happy Holiday wishes. I am forever grateful for your help and the sincere caring Dan has given to my horses. You have been so special to my pony’s and horse’s needs— A TRUE BLESSING! Thank you Dan & Julie.
-Betty S. – Denton, MD

Oliver’s feet look sooooooo much better. Thank you! Dan does an amazing job handling Ollie. He really understands horses. I learned so much just watching Dan the first time he trimmed Oliver. I am so thankful that we found DE Natural Hoof Care!
-V. Jansen – Ocean City, MD

Thank you so much for everything. I appreciate your work & willingness to share your knowledge. I have been dealing with horse people for a long time. Some good and some not so good. But I think you go above and beyond just “trimming” my horse. And I have NEVER been more satisfied with someone trimming my horse then I have been now. You have made me a true believer in the natural hoof care. I’m bless to have found you, someone that cares about my horses well being just as much as I do. And the best part is you dont’ charge an arm & leg (as you probably should). 🙂
-L. Burge – Hartly, DE

We have been enjoying Dan’s help with our two horses for almost two years and we couldn’t be happier. Whenever a problem occurs, Jonathan’s advise is always, “Call Dan,” or, “Do whatever Dan said to do.” Dan’s expertise has come in handy with our two horses as we moved here with them from Oregon. Since the pastures are totally different, one horse foundered. Dan was able to take care of him in a painless and caring manner, the natural way, without shoes. It’s a pleasure to watch our horse running in the pasture again, and to hear Dan say, “That horse looks good!” We totally put our trust in the care that Dan provides, both relating to foot care or any other question we might have. We recommend Dan whole-heartedly!
-J. & T. Rhue – Milton, DE

Like a majority of horse people, I have been through a handful of farriers in the past & could not seem to find the one that was willing to spend the time with each horse and tend to its individual needs. Dan’s natural hoof care has allowed my horses to be comfortable yet still be functional for traveling and intense work. The hoof withstands the impact and different footings that we come across traveling, without the need of a shoe. With Dan’s knowledge and passion for his hoof care my horses are barefoot, sound, and happier than ever. I highly recommend Dan Lynch for any horse; Whether it is already barefoot & healthy or has a degenerative hoof problem. Thank you Dan for everything you do!
-S. Winward – Frankford, DE

I was having a terrible time with our horses’ feet, we could hardly ride any of them and my boarder was having the same problem. THEN, Dan came into our lives!! What a GOD send. It has taken some time but with Dan’s knowledge and help we have learned that there’s more to having feet trimmed. There can also be fungal issues that cause problems. None of our horses’ feet were being trimmed properly before Dan came along. What a difference he has made in our horses’ lives. They are much happier and you can actually see it in their eyes. I love to be here when Dan comes out so that I can learn what he’s doing and to understand how important it is to have their feet done properly. I have recommended Dan to several people and will continue to do so. Keep up the great work Dan.
-D. Kaser – Ellendale, DE

And I just want to say thank you. I’ve been around horses for 16 years and you have provided me with your service for 2 years now and it is a great feeling to know that I don’t have to question your punctuality or the level of service you give my horses. I take for granted that you “catch” my horses and do all the leg work out there alone and I do appreciate it. Not only that, but I know you take pride in your work and take pride in helping the horses and I appreciate that. So thank you for your outstanding work (especially with Onyx) and your dedication and patience. At the end of the day, I rest my head peacefully knowing you take care of my girls for me and that in itself is priceless.
-D. Austin – Clayton, DE

Dan has been a God send to us. We had wanted a horse for a long time now and Dan was able to help us get a beautiful horse and help us with all of our questions with the patience we greatly appreciate. Our horse is in rehab phase with naviculitis and Dan’s work has helped her recover and be a wonderful addition to our home. Thank you for our new baby and for her recovery.
-Robyn and Daryl – Viola, DE

I just wanted to take a minute to thank you and Julie for your service. Your dedication to hoof care is unrivaled. Over the last year I have learned so much from you – and not just about hoof care! You’ve always taken the time to answer my questions. My “pohnees” are so grateful that I found you. I can’t remember if I have ever taken the time to just say thank you for all you have done – so, thank you Dan. You’re the BEST!!!
-A. Miller – Dover, DE

I’m the owner of 3 quarter horses that for years had the standard “trim and shoe”. Dan brought to light a whole new way of looking at the structure of a hoof and the way in which they should be cared for. We now have barefooted horses that have much smoother gaits and are much happier out on trails. When it comes to training, Dan is a walking encyclopedia. A friend of mine and I went down with our horses to iron out a few rough spots that we had. We spent the entire day on our horses learning. And when I say learning, I mean learning! I came away from that day with a new found confidence and most importantly, that was my goal for that day.
-S. Bielicki – Townsend, DE

I can’t express enough how thankful I am to have Dan as my farrier! I originally called for training , and ended up with a hoofman for life. I am so gratefull for Dans knowledge and love forhorses. Its not “just” a job, its love and compassion. Hes is so detailed, and is always more than willing to explain what hes doing , and to what benefit it is to your horse. I don’t feel like I’m just another barn visit, everybody is just as important as the next. And God bless him, you dont’ even have to be home, he comes, does his job and moves out, which makes it very convenient to us all with our busy work schedules. And a big thanks to Julie who keeps his schedule running so smoothly. I never have to call for service, I’m on a automatic rotation. Again , another wonderful service provided! I have a whole new appreciation for the hoof without a doubt. Everything he suggests we use is always something he’d use on himself. No expensive lotions or potions! I had attended a clinic at his home with a friend, and had the best learning/fun day. We had my horse doing things I never imagined he had the confidence to do. Treated like queens we were! I left feeling like I honestly learned something, and had a great feeling of confidence with myself! I defintely will be back again this year! Thanks so much Dan and Julie for being the people you are !
-K. Dionisi – Smyrna, DE

Just wanted to thank you again for yesterday. I know it’s your job but I’m grateful that you do that job, so is Amigo. I already loved him but he still made me nervous. After watching you work with him yesterday I feel more confident about him and think I might just have a wonderful horse. Funny, I kind of felt like he picked me. He looked like he was pleading with me to take him home. Nothing like the little bay mare who spooked right out from under me…the day before. I was really in no mood to buy a horse but couldn’t turn my back on him. Now I’m happy about that. I sure hope he’ll be better the next time you do his feet. If not we’ll work on him some more. I really don’t want it to be a hard job for you and I don’t want Amigo to be afraid.

The shed smells like a hospital ward this morning, I think you could eat off the floor, well maybe not.

Anyway we just wanted to thank you again for all your help and for caring so much about horses. See ya soon.
-Dotty – Lewes, DE

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